Friday, December 02, 2005

First Published Post EVER

What I thought I'd really begin with was the biography I submitted for my 50th High School Reunion booklet. As soon as I receive that booklet, I'll put it up word-for-word. I really am looking forward to receiving it and reading my classmates' biographies. A writer I'm not, but I'll bet you right now without seeing the other ones that mine will be a bit different than the others. Biographies are like snowflakes – they are all unique.

I am adding this much later because it appears that possibly the original biography I wrote may have been lost. If this changes, I will advise about the change on this blog. Another biography I wrote is probably not as good as the original one, but I'd just like to clear the air with it. You can read it at:

My Biography
September 26, 2010