Friday, October 26, 2007

Flat Out! The Rollie Free Story

Flat Out! The Rollie Free Story
Flat Out: The Rollie Free Story

I've begun reading this book, which I received several days ago from its author, motorcycle historian Jerry Hatfield. Jerry has authored over a dozen books, and I can already tell that this is his best work ever. It includes an audio CD of Jerry's interview with Rollie Free, which I intend to listen to after I've finished reading. Even though he was quite a daredevil, Rollie was not killed in a motorcycle accident. He lived into his 80's and was a legend in his own time.

My nephew, Scott Hatfield, received his copy back in August and has lots more to say about his dad's book on his own blog at I GOT MINE!

Ed Youngblood's MotoHistory review will really make you want the book. You will need to scroll down to Ed's 10/6/2007 entry:
Ed Youngblood review - Flat Out: The Rollie Free Story by Jerry Hatfield

Also, Jay Leno mentioned the book on a video called Vincent Black Shadow on his website, Jay Leno's Garage.

* UPDATE 12/12/07: I was even more impressed with this book after I finished it! Visit my December Flat Out! blog post to find out why.

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