Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kentucky Wildflowers

YellowWe saw these flowers while we were on our way back from Stearns, Kentucky. I wonder who might know what these are. I have not seen them before, and I haven't a clue. These flowers just seemed to be in one small area. I suspect these people shared the seeds. Do you have any sources that could tell me what these are?

These were taken on Hwy 92 between Stearns and Monticello, Kentucky, as we were on our way back to Jamestown from having taken the Big South Fork Scenic Railroad.


  1. No flower expert here. Pretty though. Norvell

  2. Five years later I think I've finally identified this wildflower:
    Helianthus maximiliani · Maximilian sunflower

  3. I looked at the phots for Helianthus maximiliani - Maximilian sunflower -- this is a really good possibility. I've been wanting to know this information for a very long time. Thank you!