Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Worth a Second Look

When we visited beautiful Lake Cumberland State Resort Park last September before the leaves began to change color, we agreed to return in the fall -- particularly since it's only about 5 miles from Wolf Creek Hatchery, where we're currently volunteering.

Today was a beautiful sunshiny day and a perfect day to take photos of the park in all its Autumn splendor.
Cumberland Lake Resort wearing its Autumn colors

We had a delicious lunch at Rowena Landing Restaurant, which offers an expansive view of Lake Cumberland. In spite of the menu's traditional Kentucky dinners and gourmet meals, we couldn't resist ordering fried catfish ... and we chose well! Wendell also did the soup and salad bar, which included some excellent beef rice soup. We hope you feel like you're there with us as you view yesterday's Lake Cumberland slideshow on Webshots.

Woohoo fancy-cut baked potato!Worth a third look:
We visited again a week later on November 14. The drive was pretty scary because it was raining and many leaves had been blown onto the roadway. (Always on the lookout for area wildlife.) We dined at Rowena Landing, where Smitty sampled the Creelsboro Cordon Bleu, while Bob and I had the Ribeye Steak. Our baked potatoes weren't cut the fancy way as they were in our previous visit, but they were tasty nonetheless.

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