Wednesday, December 05, 2007

An Old Haunt

Years ago CS's in Jackson was a watering hole with much longer hours than it now has. People continue to fill the place up for lunch, but we first knew it as a place to play pool and have a cool brew. That was when the first video games had come out such as Pac Man. We frequently met our friends there after work. Yes, they’re famous for their Inez Burgers, but we go there for their plate lunches and to visit with Pat and Inez. We also shared a peach cobbler with ice cream.
Sorry We're OpenCome In We're Closed
Before leaving, we gave Pat a beer can (a full one) to add to his collection of 2800 or so:

Collection of 2800+ beer cans

Those who have tried Inez's massive hamburger-and-fries combo may find this Clarion Ledger article amusing:

No 34-inch waist, no service? Let me weigh in with own bills

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