Monday, December 31, 2007

MaeDeans (The Published Author)

Not my bookIn case anyone is wondering, I did not write this book.
Sinners Have Souls Too by MaeDeans
I am not saying anything negative or positive about this book because I haven't read it.

It would be more likely that I would write a book entitled
Dogs Have Souls Too · or · Cats Have Souls Too.

But, alas, I'm not a writer.


  1. Not a writer? I disagree, and somewhere around my house there's a manilla envelope full of essays from your 1980's writing class that prove you're an excellent one. Although the envelope hasn't been uncovered yet, I expect it to surface within the week.

    And good news: While digging through a cabinet of who-knows-why-I-saved-these items, I managed to declutter a stack of thirty unwanted hanging-file folders. In a roundabout way, you deserve credit for my discovery ... so thanks!

  2. I just finished reading SINNERS HAVE SOULS TOO.

    It reads like fiction, but it is true.