Monday, December 03, 2007

Sacred Music

Being back in the Jackson area gave us the opportunity to attend yesterday's services at Wells Memorial UMC for the first time since last Spring. This meant being treated to music performed by its outstanding choir. Along with an inspirational 2006 Greatest Hits CD, music by the Wells choir is also featured on Carols of Remembrance, which includes songs from last year's Christmas presentation with St. John UMC's choir, to offer both congregations superb sacred music.

Wells has an impressive website that allows us to follow Keith Tonkel's weekly sermons and church ministries as we travel. Yesterday during the 8:30 worship service, someone joked that chaos reigned during the Pastoral Assistant / Newsletter Editor / Webmaster Jim Young and his family's recent well-deserved vacation. Welcome back, Jim and Michelle!

¯ And speaking of sacred music ...
There are many kinds of sacred music, and last summer I was introduced to still another kind when David Wolfs Robe AKA Flute Man performed at Devils Tower in Wyoming.

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