Monday, January 07, 2008

Home Fit For A King

I heartily recommend the photos Boomer captured on a beautiful spring visit to Memphis. I haven't taken the tour inside of Graceland since Elvis' death, but I have stood on the mansion's front steps while Elvis was still alive (but not at home) thanks to a guard there allowing Wendell and Mother and me to do so. I sure wish I knew where the photos are from that long ago event.

Boomer's Graceland album on Webshots

I watched this as a slideshow,
but you may not have the time for that:

Memphis Photo Album
by Webshots Member Boomer01107

Speaking of long ago events ...

Before we met, both Wendell and I attended Elvis concerts early in his career. Wendell saw Elvis perform live in 1955 in a high school gymnasium in Ripley, Mississippi. In 1956, I had a ticket to an Elvis concert in Waco, Texas, while I was a freshman at Baylor University. This concert did not have reserved seats, and the line to get inside the coliseum was very long. When a second line was opened, I was fortunate to get a spot up front. Then when the auditorium was opened and fans scrambled for seats, I ended up on the second row! It was a real treat to be that close to Elvis during his performance.


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  2. Oh wow! I didn't realize that either of yall had seen Elvis live! When I watch Elvis movies, the characters typically remind me of my parents' 1950's and 60's photos.

    I'm so glad you shared this!

  3. Wanna hear something stupid? Even though I live in a Memphis suburb, I haven't toured Graceland either. Fortunately, Boomer is so thorough that I feel as though I already have!

  4. I agree with Carla. It does not seem necessary to go for the tour of Graceland now.