Saturday, January 26, 2008

Goldilocks Report

After our daughter’s recent guestbook comment* on We're Wingin' It suggested that she’s interested in the events of our lives, whether (to quote Goldilocks) it's too cold, too hot or just right, I'd like to explain how I am about the weather.

Goldilocks and the Three BearsWhether genetic predispostition or learned behavior is to blame, I share my mother's habit of always noticing if it's too cold OR too hot. What I really want is perfect weather in every way. That's just how I am.

My ideal weather would mean there would never be a need to run the heat or the A/C. That is what I consider just right. So chances are slim that you'll see anything on my blog about just right weather, but you probably will hear something about 100+ temps and temps that drop below freezing, because those are either too hot or too cold.

I feel qualified to give a Goldilocks Report because I had a golden shade of hair for many years before I stopped coloring it and allowed it to turn several shades of gray. I also feel I have a right to have a temper because I'm a natural redhead. These are the kinds of conclusions I draw — like I feel I am entitled to change my mind because it's a woman's prerogative. HA!

So what has this got to do with Goldilocks? Not a darn thing.

*Here's our daughter's guestbook comment, word for word:
"Reading about your day-to-day experiences serves as an important reminder of the tasks that RVers face to enjoy the creature comforts that many take for granted. You and Vicki have helped me realize that seeking knowledge about my parents' lifestyle choice goes a long way towards tuning in to their lives. Just glancing at your Guestbook is a testament to the inspiration your blog has been to others. By making the time and effort to help wannabees and fellow RVers prepare themselves, you've led me to a closer kinship with my parents — even when they're driving as fast as they can to get away from me. (Just teasing!)"

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