Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pets’ Spirits

The Rainbow Bridge
The Love Chapter · 1 Corinthians 13
This story of the Rainbow Bridge can be reassuring to pet owners whose pets have died. When I say died, I am referring to the pet's physical body. To me, it is so easy to look at a body, be it a human body in a casket or that of a animal, and know the spirit or soul is no longer present in the body

I rely on a chapter in The Bible for my reassurance. The main point of the Love Chapter to me is – Love Never Dies. If you have experienced the unconditional love of a pet who accepts you just as you are, I think you have been allowed to see a glimpse of what the love of God is like.


  1. CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla9:10 AM

    I think Bible Gateway's option for readers to pull up all those different Bible versions of identical passages is downright handy. Now I can read Corinthians 1:13 in Swahili!

  2. After surfing around, Pet Loss Support's response to Do Pets Go To Heaven? is my personal favorite (whether or not it's accurate).

    A verse commonly used to 'prove' that animals will be in heaven, Isaiah 65:25, seems downright mean to snakes. It's not like they can help that they were born snakes. Perhaps it's suggesting that creatures (and people as well?) are pre-destination even before birth.

    Ugh, Bible Gateway's Swahili version of this passage provides no valid results.