Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Wharf

Palms at the resort's entranceWendell and I drove over for sightseeing and lunch at The Wharf, an up-and-coming Orange Beach resort located at the foot of the Foley Beach Express bridge.

Even though its entrance signs are somewhat obscure, this huge development is impossible to overlook. The place looked like you'd expect for a beach resort in January. Although the high-rise condos seemed deserted today, The Wharf's website indicates that they've sold quickly, and the place is bustling during warmer months. After witnessing how the Gaming Commission affected Mississippi's tourism, I naturally imagined that casinos would've attracted money-spending tourists year round.

Like much of the resort, we had the restaurant to ourselves. Johnny Rockets is a retro diner located beside the resort's huge ferris wheel. True to their 1950's theme, each booth had its own tabletop jukebox that required only a nickel to play a selected song. Would you believe that neither of us had a nickel? But no matter, since Fifties songs played the whole time we were there. Wendell and I both arrived hungry and finished every bite of the delicious Patty Melts with fries.

Orange Beach's newest luxury resort Mae Dean at The Wharf Did we order a smiley face with fries? The Southeast's largest ferris wheel

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An eye-catching billboard along the way promoted Gulf Coast vacations: Florida is full. Check us out! Although I was unable to find anything more about that advertisement, I did discover recent news about another controversial billboard in the area:
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  1. The story about Mobile's Citgo billboard reminded me of last year's hooplah surrounding a local strip-club billboard last year. Although adult-business promotions are common along that stretch of highway, the town's mayor sure got worked up over it ... and earned himself a USA Today photo op.

    Billboardom didn't feature Citgo, but has devoted blog entries about two word ass-ociated signs:

    Australian McDonald's
    big-ass billboard in Germany