Friday, February 29, 2008

Amazing Grace ~ Alternate Music

I love every version of Amazing Grace I have heard. An especially beautiful choral arrangement set to different music by composer Craig Courtney can be heard on Beckenhorst Press's website:
Amazing Grace¯
Beckenhorst Press offers several inspiring arrangements of Amazing Grace. Each version is unique, and I recommend them all. John Ness Beck's includes a magnificent pipe organ, and the handbell and flute versions are wonderful as well.

Amazing Grace is good any time of year, but as we approach the Easter season, it is a good one for reminding Christians that God's grace is so amazing.


  • A video I shared last November explains the origins of this hymn and where the original music may have come from: Black Notes Only
  • A beautiful piano arrangement by Margi Harrell can be heard at grace24u
Finally, I will just mention there are many videos of artists singing this song. I have my favorite, but I'll just suggest if you have more appetite for versions of this song that you simply put "Amazing Grace" into a search engine, and you'll find many links to these videos.


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