Friday, February 08, 2008

Senior Education

Have you been wondering where we've been? Never fear, the weather has improved in Lower Alabama, and we've been out enjoying it.

With the help of experienced geocachers Barb and Dave, we've been gadding about in places we would have never seen had it not been for our newest hobby. Using a hand-held GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) unit, we've been locating caches by finding the coordinates of where these "treasures" are hidden.

Never, in our wildest dreams, did we expect to be traipsing around in a wet bog looking for something disguised to keep us from finding it ... and having fun at it!

See a collection of our recent geocaching photos on flickr

Some geocachers have located over a thousand of these caches, as you can see by the cache card recently included in one of them by another very busy geocacher. Our Found Caches are still fewer than 10, so we have a long way to go to catch up with this.

The Perpetual Vacationers: Geocaching 101

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