Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine Chocolates

Earlier this week Wendell went to the Activities Building at Rainbow Plantation RV Park to play some poker one evening. Just about the entire time he was gone I watched Food Network on TV. So help me, three shows in a row were on chocolate. When Wendell came in, I told him I was starving for chocolate, and I made it known that I definitely wanted some chocolates for Valentine's. When he went out on some errands today, he came through a day early.

I certainly have enjoyed eating them, but I think I've had almost as much fun photographing and posting them to Webshots. Check out the chocolate slideshow and see if it makes you hungry like those TV shows did me:

Chocolate, Jigsaw Puzzles and Reading


Have a Happy Valentine's ~ ya heah?

Friends like you make the very best valentinesMore love!

We received this sweet email Valentine from Nan and Carl in San Jose, California.

Thanks y'all !

I guess some of our neighbors will put up Saint Patrick's decorations next on their RVs. So far we have had Mardi Gras and now Valentine's since we've been here in Lower Alabama.

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