Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving in

Loaded and ready to roll
Packed up ...
Going to Home-Sweet-Home Alabama
... and headed for home
Both of us did more physical work yesterday than our muscles are used to, and we woke up this morning feeling achy after spending our first night in our new home. Since we're not finished moving in -- far from it -- we expect today's activity will work out the soreness.

Something else we're not used to: All this space! After nearly a year of living in a 30-foot motor home, we'll need some time to figure out what to do with the extra elbow room.

Smitty discovered a dishwasher in the kitchen while unpacking. Neither of us could explain why we overlooked it prior to moving in. Maybe we'd forgotten what a dishwasher looks like? Now that we have it, I sure hope he can remember how to use it.

Another kitchen perk: A built-in spice rack
A cook's kitchen

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