Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our First Company

We first met Steve last December at Treetops in Arlington, Texas, when Barb and Dave invited the Escapees Class of 2006 over to their motorhome for a visit. He's from San Diego and spent this past winter in the Valley of Texas. He's in the Mobile, Alabama, area now and parked at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale.

We drove around the area seeing the beautiful azaleas and such, particularly in Magnolia Springs, but the azaleas were everywhere with the older ones having grown tall past six feet. Then we headed for the beaches, stopping at the Romar Public Beach, which is a very small beach, but the one I prefer just because it is located right beside Seaside Beach & Rachet Club. Finally we wound up on a penisula or key that had no outlet in a fee area. Our Golden Age Passport got us in.

With beaches on either side of us, we naturally took lots of beach photos. I used the photos to experiment with merging multiple photos for panoramic photos, and I have now concluded that the less photos merged together, the better. You can see what I mean at
Florida Beach Panorama Experiments on Webshots.

Alabama Gulf Coast

On the way back via the Foley Beach Express we turned off and made our way to the American Legion in Gulf Shores before we took Steve back to our place so he could return to Summerdale. We hope anyone who is in the area (Lower Alabama) will stop in to see us. We love having company.

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