Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Time for a Goldilocks Report

We were up and atum early this morning to make an 8 A.M. oncologist appointment and discovered that the outside temp was 31º. My regular blog readers will immediately know that 31º is too cold. After scraping ice off the windshield, we were on our way and were the first patients to arrive at the doctor's office. What we were waiting to hear came to pass: Everything concerning Monday's PET scan and today's blood work looked fine. We're not sure if we'll come to Jackson for the next follow-up or set up an appointment elsewhere. While traveling last Summer and Fall, we received similar good reports in Wyoming and Kentucky. As far as Goldilocks is concerned, these kinds of results are just right, and we continue to thank God for them.

We left the doctor's office in a mood to celebrate, so it seemed logical to go to Tom’s. After awhile there, we went on to one of our favorite restaurants, Char in Highland Village. On our way back to Timberlake, we passed (almost) where we used to live at Shadowridge Townhomes and stopped to visit with a former neighbor. We were happy to see her doing well, visited a short while, then continued back to the Reservoir area.

We expect to hang around Jackson for a few days longer, then load up belongings from the storage facility and head down to Lower Alabama.


  1. SOOOOO glad to hear the report was good. Have a great day!!!

  2. UH! She used multiple exclamation points up there in that comment. Either I've forgotten to tell her how much this bugs me, or she (grrr) did it on purpose.

  3. Seems like in the study of The Bible I came across 7 being the perfect number.

    I'm just glad she commented!!!!!!!