Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kwirr cha-cha-cha*

Baldwin County seagullsDaybreak was just occurring as I brought my first cup of coffee out to the screened-in porch. While listening to the songs of the neighborhood birds, I was inspired to search for bird call audio bites. With plenty to choose from, I didn't have to look very hard. Although I'm already familiar with a number of bird calls, this will be an interesting pursuit in the future. Just another one I have discovered because of my Internet addiction.J
  • If you want to hear some bird songs, just check out what I found at Bird Songs Goggle Search. (About 489,000 results -- toldja there were plenty!)
  • I also found some Bird Song Cartoons and would have loved to post several here, particularly the first one, but didn't because of those annoying copyrights. The cartoons I liked the best were by cartoonist Dan Reynolds (AKA Reynolds Unwrapped).
Living so near the Gulf, I hear the sounds of the gulls every day. But I’m sure this is not confined to areas like this. I have often wondered about the gulls and other birds on Jackson's Ross Barnett Reservoir that remain there year round. Why did they decide to stay? Here’s what I have concluded through no scientific method: I’m thinking they just got blown there by a storm and were so confused at that point, they were just happy to find a place to rest. Once they were rested, they decided to call the reservoir home.
Now it's almost 8 a.m., and I continue to hear *the familiar call of the red-bellied woodpecker.

Nostalgic moment: A minute or so of one red-bellied woodpecker's day was recently set to Glenn Miller music by Waste of Time Productions.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker
Have a great day. I certainly intend to.J

And I helped!

I was called away for breakfast by Smitty. Yes, I'm a lucky woman! He used this Shake-N-Bake phrase because even though he cooked this morning's breakfast, and I helped applied to me. I asked, "Ya mean because I cooked the sausage yesterday?" He replied, "I was really thinking about your staying outta the way."

Nice! I reckon I'll begin using this phrase more often, starting with the after-breakfast clean up.J


  1. Maedean, the blurb I received from you in my email of this morning just cracked me up. It was so cute. So real. I love observations like that.

    Congratulations on moving in to your new, beautiful home! (I'm a little late, I know.) I hope one day we will find a place to light and be as happy as you two.

    Your friend till butter-flies,
    ~Liliana (in San Diego today)

    P.S. - We're hope get to Devils Tower again this year. :)

  2. Joe Farmer7:14 AM

    You make me want to throw it all in and move to Lower AL.

  3. Gulls are evidently quite adaptable, like most scavengers. There's even a flock in Desoto County that are typically seen on (HA!) WalMart parking lots. They've visited Olive Branch WalMart a time or two, but prefer Southaven WalMart because it's closer to the Mississippi River. I suspect Southaven's parking lots are also trashier than Olive Branch's.