Friday, May 09, 2008

Just what I wanted

How To Photograph Absolutely EverythingDoesn't everyone wish they had an expert at their elbow when they are trying to learn something new? Now I have Tom Ang at my elbow just waiting to tell me what I need to know about photography.

Who is Tom Ang? I didn't know the answer until I read lots of stuff on the Internet about him. Although I was surprised that Tom Ang's official website doesn't mention this book by name, it does include a link to iDigitalPhoto, where this book comes in.

There's no doubt that both of my daughters know how goofy I am about taking photos. Inside the book it reads:
To feed your love of photos
Happy Mother's Day – Angie & Carla
As I learn the tips and tricks of the pros, I may share tidbits on this blog. Stand by ...

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  1. * ahem *

    HMDTY !
    HMDTY !
    HMD dear Motherrrrr
    HMDTY !