Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prince & Princess ~ Our Squirrel Treefrogs

Lover GirlIt seems that Lover Boy has found his princess. I've seen him accompanied by this lovely green treefrog twice, both times at nightfall, shortly after they descended from their home in the eaves outside my kitchen window. When Lover Boy made his usual bark, the other one remained silent, so I'm assuming he's convincing her to become his mate.

I briefly considered calling her Sarah, which in Hebrew means princess. After feeling unsure if our youngest granddaughter would want a frog named after her, though, I've settled on Lover Girl.

Although these treefrogs are small, I don't believe they're quite as tiny as the pet frogs at Wolf Creek Fish Hatchery last Fall. I intend to keep my camera ready for more impromptu snapshots of the happy couple. Several photos are currently posted on Webshots:

Squirrel Treefrogs ~ Lover Boy & Lover Girl

Not as easy as it looks:

Test your skills with this clever
Frog Jumping Test

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