Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still Feels Like Vacation

Sunday we visited Foley's outlet center in search of a French bread pan. The place was very busy with holiday-weekend shoppers. Wendell made a loaf of French bread for the first time today. It was pretty good, but it needs some tweaking yet.

All that walking in the mall worked up an appetite, and we ate out for the first time in a good while. We agreed on The Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores, which we still consider our favorite local restaurant after eating there for the first time last January. It was covered up with folks, but the wait staff was on-the-ball and prepared to serve lots of customers.

The congested parking helped us discover two more photo ops:

One is of me and Wendell –
taken by Wendell ...

... and the other is of Wendell –
taken by me

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