Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dog Days Are Upon Us

A quote from an April 14, 2008 email to put things in perspective:

It is cooler here than it has been in a month... 45 deg. We have a good fire going so it is warm here in the house. I think it will be an excellent day to work out at the edge of the creek. If any of those creepy crawley things* are out, they will be moving as slow as I am.

My big project for the day... I came up with this idea two days ago and it has been working in my mind ever since.. I have cleared most of the area right down to the water. I'm going to take hoe, machetti, and my big pruning shears and finish clearing the edge.

Tonight I'm going to cover my little seedling bed so it will not hurt the plants. It is supposed to be 33 deg here tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to go up and down the creek planting little 4 o'clocks and other little seedling flowers that I have. I may also put some of the Louisiana Iris out at the edge of the water. I have purple and yellow Louisiana Iris. I have one area that I sprayed down with weed and grass killer and I will wait about a week before I plant that area.

~ Chris/SP

*creepy crawley things means snakes

Well, I still haven’t seen any of those creepy crawley things down here in Lower Alabama, but my neighbors have already told me tales about them, so I know they are here. I just haven’t seen ‘em yet.

We are now into what I would call the “dog days of summer” even though summer does not officially begin until June 20. There were some beautiful clouds in the morning sky that I just had to get out and photograph, and there are no predictions for precipitation to cool us down for at least the next three days. It’s already 80º outside at 7:30 am, and the predicted high for today is 89º. This means I simply cannot enjoy our screened-in porch except in the early morning or late evening about the time the sun goes down and the temps drop some.

It’s still great to be here, and we will probably pack up our beach gear and head that way.

I had no sooner posted this than a very light shower came down that didn't even wet the ground under the trees. You never know in the summertime...


  1. So you think it's hot on the Alabama Gulf Coast on June 5?

    Just wait a month or so ...

  2. Hi, Carla. Make sure your yellow irises are actually Louisianas rather than I. pseudacorus, a European water iris widely grown across the Gulf Coast. Psedauracorus is a nice plant but not a good neighbor. It will take over it's spot. Louisianas are not as aggressive.