Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Reptile Porch Visitor

Let me suggest first that you click on the above photos to get just about a life-size view of this visitor. I first saw him on the screen itself inside the screened porch. Already I have seen what I only know as ordinary small lizards inside the screened porch. That's when I did away with my idea of sleeping on the air mattress on the porch to hear the night noises. I would not want visitors to our place to sleep on the porch for the same reason.

The small lizards did not seem to have any trouble finding their way out of the porch again, but this visitor seemed to be unable to find his way out the same way he came in. So after I took the second picture, I felt sorry for him and left one of the outside doors open on the porch to help him out. The next time I checked, quite sometime later, he was nowhere to be seen on the porch.

Since I had never seen a lizard or salamander that looked like this guy, I set about trying to identify him. The identity came to me from Weeks Bay Reserve. This is a male five lined skink, a reptile. The scientific name Eumeses faciatus, is quite common in much of the southeastern US. There are many different kinds of skinks (this one is in the Family Scincidae), several are very common in the Weeks Bay area. It is probably a male by the dull lines...and red under the chin. It is harmless and eats bugs.

So no wonder this guy looks so well fed. Plenty of bugs live around here for him to eat.


  1. That's the fattest lizard I've ever seen. He looks positively rotund. Since he's big on eating bugs, I'd keep him around.

  2. :)

    I immediately thought "left one of the outside doors open on the porch to help him out" was an excellent way to invite more critters in. Although he was nowhere to be seen, I couldn't help but wonder if a ladyfriend had joined him and they'd gone to scope out a nesting spot on the screened porch, safe from predators.