Sunday, July 06, 2008

What a Difference the Years Make

I call this my Doris Day photo and referred to it in the Ridin’ The Rails blog post last year, describing why I call it thusly.

While the photo I have been using on this blog as my profile photo is nice, it is way old now. Smitty took it when we celebrated our wedding anniversary at Brunos in Jackson, Mississippi, on New Years Eve many years ago. The tiara was on our table. Since I think it was a favor, I may still have it, but, then again, maybe I don’t. I don’t recall seeing it in all the things we were packing up when we were down-sizing to go into our fulltime RVing. I may have just left it at the restaurant. Who knows?

Anyway, the photo I'm switching to as a profile photo is just nine months old and does look more like me.


  1. This one may be newer, but the tiara is my favorite. It makes me smile every time I see it. I guess I'll have to get use to the new looks.

  2. It's already been nine months since you were at Big South Fork? Where does the time go?

    I'm gonna use the word thusly in conversation today.