Monday, July 21, 2008

without going orange

The new me!I reserve the female right to change my mind just any time. I got tired of the Doris Day photo quickly, and have changed again today. I liked that tiara so much that if I don't uncover it in my souvenirs, I may just go to the Sweet Potato Queens store and buy my very own tiara "because I'm worth it".

Since I stopped coloring my hair years and years ago, I only noticed today that L’OrĂ©al's famous advertising slogan "Because I’m worth it" has recently been replaced by "Because you're worth it". Let's hear it, you girlfriends out there. Don't we know it — we're all worth it!

Perhaps I won't quickly tire of this new ID photo Who knows? I still reserve my female right to change my mind again in the future.

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