Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stop in Marshall, Texas

Our trip from Alabama to Texas (Arlington) was fairly uneventful. We stopped around 3:30 PM on the first day because we were tired of driving in the rain. Had it been a good weather day, we might have driven all the way to Arlington.

Lunch-To-Go by StarkistAs we neared Marshall, Texas, we had no intentions of getting out in the middle of a downpour to eat in a restaurant, because we had already had a good lunch at Eddie’s BBQ in Alexandria, Louisiana, where we stopped for gas. BUT, upon stopping for at the HIE in Marshall, Texas, we cranked up the laptop and read Carla's Sentimental sandwich blog post for the first time. This made me so hungry for tuna that I asked Smitty to see if he could find any in the convenience store. As luck would have it, Charlie of Starkist had just what I needed.

The Marshall Holiday Inn Express had just been open a month, so we noted a number of upgrades from our experiences in older HIEs.

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