Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gustav Evacuation

The TV Weather Channel made us decide to evacuate on Sunday, August 31st, and Smitty apparently chose a really good route because the traffic was surprisingly light on the way to Olive Branch, Mississippi. We could see lots going east in the early part of our trip. At the time we were going west. The east side of Mississippi is by far the best way to travel to Olive Branch. The only heavy traffic we encountered was for a brief time on I-20 in the Meridian area.

We did not choose the best way to return today, and were joined by lots of cars with Louisiana tags returning home, along with lots of utility trucks, all going south on I-55 with us. The good news is we got home safe and sound, and there didn't appear to be any obvious damage to our home in Alabama.

Our hearts went out to those we saw fleeing and returning who were from Louisiana.
A little side comment:

We saw our first Bear Crossing sign in Washington County, Alabama, just above Mobile County. It really surprised us.

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