Monday, September 08, 2008

Red Lion

We were speeding through Baton Rouge along I-10 at 70 MPH when my eyes landed on the ugliest hotel I had ever seen.

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I am now convinced I will have to go back there and get a photo in the daytime for people to understand what I am writing about.

It isn't worth the trip.

Upon further investigation, I am convinced Red Lion Hotel in Baton Rouge provides excellent accomodations, in spite of my initial reaction to the gaudy exterior colors that aren't revealed in this nighttime photo. I totally understand why they chose to show their hotel in this dim light because it conceals the building's bright orange and yellow.

That's all ...

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  1. Isn't that's all what the wholesome-looking blonde on Hee Haw used to say at the end of each show?

    Speaking of Hee Haw ... Tim and I recently saw its premier episode with Low-Retta Lynn and Charlie Pride. The Rural Network is gonna start showing all the Hee Haws. They also bragged about 30 hours of upcoming live coverage of the FFA convention from Nebraska. HEEEEEE HAWWWW!