Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Morning Musings

Why couldn't yesterday have been like this instead of rain, rain, rain?

We were bound and determined to make a visit to the mystery vessel ruins Ike helped uncover near Fort Morgan. We needed a day like this yesterday.

Have you ever noticed how the weather affects your day? I've been aware for a long time that it impacts my mood in a very noticeable way. It's almost like a real cloud is hanging over me and following me around all day.

Today my former boss' youngest daughter, or Daughter No. 3 as he referred to her, is to be married. I hope their weather in Florence, Mississippi, is as beautiful for Kim's wedding day as it appears to be here. Now it is really time for them to have the "empty nest syndrome." They'll probably handle it fine since they have recently become grandparents through another daughter.

Next Saturday is the 25th Annual WellsFest in Jackson, Mississippi. I'm sure praying for good weather for that outdoor event.

Footnote added four days later:
Orley Hood wrote such a good article on WellsFest that I want to include a link to it here.

A leap of faith: Festival, no booze? You bet

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