Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Art of God

Carla called me early this morning and told me to look at the Perdido Key Beach Cam. When I saw it, I exclaimed, "Wow!"

6:38 am
Perdido Key BeachCam

The cam kept giving off "Wow images" every time I checked it again a few minutes later.

6:48 am
Perdido Key BeachCam

6:58 am
Perdido Key BeachCam

7:38 am
Perdido Key BeachCam

My friend Mary had already commented on how good the images were recently.

The situation that has created this is a cool snap in the weather that included moving all the clouds out.

I don't know how long the skies here will be blue and cloudless, but you might want to check it and see what I mean. For current images, visit the Perdido Key BeachCam.


  1. 'At's sump'n,
    ain't it !!!

  2. Yep! at's sump'n all right.