Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mystery of the Beanie Babies and the Dream

Beanie Babies

I awoke early this morning from another weird dream that had the same theme as at least one other dream I have had recently.

I was a new, probably temporary, employee at a large building that had many small businesses housed in it. I did not know the purpose of the business I was working for and did not have anything to do. One person who seemed to be in authority was a nice lady that just floated here and there with no apparent purpose that I could fathom.

I was interested in being busy and looking productive. When I noticed her stooping down from time to time to pick up little pieces of trash off the floor, I decided that was something I could do that would also be productive.

As we went out the back entrance to this large building, there was a beautiful scene that I wanted to take a photo of, but didn’t. It seemed like what I was looking at was a natural development at first, but then the lady said something to the effect that “they” had just done all of that and just left it that way. It was only then that I realized it was the leftover results of excavating probably by heavy equipment for some kind of new development.

About that time I woke up and started mulling over some things in my mind like the stoopid blog post I had spent time on yesterday that was really going to say something about me to anyone who might, by chance read it. Do you know what it was going to say?

What would you think is going on with an adult who spends time writing a blog post about Beanie Babies (children’s toys) on a pillow?

Couple that post with the dream, and it says to me –

“You’re lost as a goose!”


  1. Beanie Babies are children's toys?

    I remember when I thought a Beanie Baby was the perfect gift for everyone on my list!

    And I bet you remember it too. Teehee.

  2. I guess I really should respond to Carla's comment. I think Carla was the first one I knew who recognized Beanie Babies would be big business and called it to my attention and others by giving us Beanie Babies. Yes, I do remember it.

  3. re: change of yesterday's plans

    The more I give myself a night to sleep on decisions (even small ones), the more I'm convinced it's a wise approach.