Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Goldilocks Report

A cold front came through, and it's definitely "hot chocolate weather" in Lower Alabama.

We were surprised to see Magnolia Springs and Foley both showing their temp at 24º this morning. I checked on the screened porch, and it was showing around 38º, so I'm really doubting what was reporting. I think it was a typo and was supposed to be 34.

My regular blog readers will immediately know that 24º or 34º is too cold.

Looks like it's time to harvest our one satsuma before it freezes solid through and through. I also decided to bring in the small TV from the screened porch that I'd been watching old recorded VHS tapes on. I'll continue that enjoyable project in the warmth of our bedroom.


  1. That cocoa sure looks good! There's something about Gail Pittman pottery that enhances the appearance of food and drink.

    We've had enough bitter-cold nights that Tim decided to begin running that stinky wood-burning fireplace. I even got some exercise this afternoon by helping him unload firewood onto the back porch.

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    It's chilly here-and today, Friday, was very windy! I have a service to bury the ashes of one of our reasidnets tomorrow at 1:00 in the local Episcopal Church yard. Hope it's not windy!

    I don't like cold weather either!1