Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Special Day

This is a special day for just about everyone, I guess. It's the end of a 2008. For us, it's our 50th wedding anniversary.

As I listen to the song above, it brings to mind different lyrics. Let's see if I can remember them.

O, Cleburne High, our love for you outshines the light of day,
As from your halls with gratitude, we glimpse truth's glorious rays.

The black and gold we shall unfold in glory to the sky,
We'll sing a song, a happy song, our song to Cleburne High.

Here's an anniversary card we recently received from Ella Jane and Jerry:
Anniversary Card from Hatfields


  1. Big Five-Oh!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Here's want Lee and Bernie wanted to comment:
    MaeDean and Smitty,
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Knowing the two of you, I'm sure it has been a FUN 50 . . . You are definitely one couple in a million . . . Love both of you . . . Bernie 'n' Lee