Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why I spend so much time on the computer

Case in point:
When I turned on my computer this morning, I notice an AP news headline that interested me: Birds cause emergency landings, aborted takeoffs

After reading that, I recalled an NFL-coach-turned-sports-commentator who has a fear of flying and doesn't fly to reach his weekly broadcast destination — in other words, I recalled everything but his name. A successful search quickly revealed the answer, after which I discovered this YouTube video:

Mind you, at this point I haven't read a single email. But I finally do decide to check that – and discover 17 new messages since 10:00 AM yesterday.

One of those emails was about the airplane that made an emergency landing in the Hudson River recently. I had already seen a slideshow on this and started looking for it on my computer to make sure the sender had seen it also.

Would you believe that two of the email Subject lines indicated the sender wanted me to return the email to them? Don't you wonder who starts all those kinds of emails? This might be a good time to remind readers that The Forward Stops Here.

Another email I opened shared an article about my motorcycle historian brother-in-law. (I love legit emails, particularly those that inspire me to blog about them.)

So after logging in to blogger, I visited recent posts of other blogs I've begun following.

You can stand by for that tomorrow. Meanwhile, how about you telling me why you spend so much time on the computer :-)

Since it's confession time, probably the main reason I spend so much time on the computer is, plain and simple, I'm an internet addict.


  1. I am with you buddy, Do we have a problem or are we the normal ones?

  2. HA! The John Madden "commercial" was very funny. Thanks for including it here.

  3. Cute. This guy is so funny. He always sounds like the person he's pretending to be.



  4. I shared this with Neal this morning. He thought it was as funny as I do. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this video.