Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting Ready Again

Beach umbrellaWhen Wendell saw just the kind of beach umbrella we wanted at Wal-Mart, he didn't hesitate to purchase it. We've envied people with these sturdy ones that are almost as good as the ones you rent with the places to sit under them for the price we have purchased one beach umbrella for. We already have our beach chairs and our little 50-cent pink table we purchased at a yard sale, so we'll be ready when the weather is perfect for our first day to lounge on the beach.

I'm sort of leaning toward the beach at Bahama Bob's instead of some of the public beaches we tried last year. It's really hard to decide because they all have their good points.

I still recommend this website, with its soothing surfside sounds to put you in the mood for going to the beach: Riobrands

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