Sunday, February 01, 2009

Motorcycle Historian

Ed Youngblood's Moto HistoryIf research of my own blog is correct, this is my fifth post regarding my brother-in-law Jerry Hatfield. For easy reference, the other four are:
October 26 of 2007 · Flat Out! The Rollie Free Story
December 12 of 2007 · Recommended Reading
March 25 of 2008 · Proud As Punch
April 6 of 2008 · More Punch

If I haven’t mentioned it before, Jerry is the brother I never had because my only sibling is a sister. I think he and I may have a mutual admiration society going, which wouldn't be unusual, since we have known each other for so many years. I love the way he comes up with funny things to say, and I just about fall out in the floor laughing at some of his quips. Suffice it to say, I've always enjoyed being around him. I believe I've even heard him joke that if he hadn’t married his high school sweetheart Ella Jane, he might have married her sister.

When I read Ed Youngblood’s recent MotoHistory article (link below), I was certain it was the most comprehensive story I've ever seen about Jerry’s love affair with motorcycles. Larue Barnes’ article in the Cleburne Times-Review magazine is running neck-and-neck with it and may be my favorite just because it has so many large color photographs, smaller versions of which you will see in Ed Youngblood’s article.

Read Ed Youngblood’s recent MotoHistory article:
Jerry Hatfield: Motorcycle historian

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