Thursday, March 19, 2009

TV commercials

I probably like some of the commercials on TV more than the shows I’m watching. Do you think I’m moving into my second childhood?
  • Recently saw this on TV: Car Wash – State Farm
  • I have Verizon cell phone service, and lots of their commercials are good: 3G Dead Zones
  • Southwest Airlines has a lot of those “Wanna Get Away” commercials I like, plus I like their inexpensive fares. Sometimes you have to drive over a hundred miles to some place to get ‘em, but what the heck? Must be football season
  • I don't drink Bud, but I still think they have some of the most clever commercials ever: Budweiser Alien Wassup
Of course I get really tired of any commercial, no matter how funny it is on the first viewing, after having seen it for the 200th time. Smitty is always in there saying, “Don’t encourage ‘em!"

1 comment:

  1. My favorite of these was the State Farm Car Wash.

    This Bridgestone Tire commercial is worth seeing once.