Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yellow Azalea Closeup

Admiral SemmesLower Alabama is home to some lovely native azaleas that even volunteer to grow wild. Some spectacular ones have been planted in a large flowerbed right in front of Weeks Bay Interpretive Center east of Fairhope on Highway 98. The yellow variety is named Admiral Semmes. Both these and the orange variety at Weeks Bay were developed by Dodd & Dodd Nursery in Semmes, Alabama.

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Alabama Native Azaleas

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  1. Hi y'all,
    These are southern hybrid azaleas bred by Tom Dodd Nursery in Semmes, AL. The parentage is complex- includes American natives and fancy European lines such as Knapp Hill and Exbury, which contain Himalayan bloodlines.
    The yellow one is a named variety called Admiral Semmes. I can't remember, may think of the name of the orange one.
    Fred Nation