Friday, April 03, 2009

Who is Felix R. McKnight?

I never had the pleasure of meeting Felix McKnight in person, but the message in his booklet, The Immortal Story, had an impact on my life when I received it from Daddy in the 1970's. His story chronicling events in the last eight days of Christ was given to me at a time when I had been reading about religions other than Christianity.

Although I had realized I was a sinner at the age of six and realized even more certainly that I could not live without sinning by the time I was seven, I had these vague doubts about Jesus Christ himself, who had been cast only as an enlightened man in some of what I had read. It is an historic fact that Jesus was a person who lived on this earth many years ago, but there is much more to the story than this fact. By reading Mr. McKnight's concise description of what has become to be known as Holy Week, those doubts were taken away by what Jesus said at the last supper with his disciples. It was as if He were speaking them directly to me. I will share excerpts from that story beginning with Palm Sunday in future posts.
My postscript to this introduction must include this:

I don't feel the need to nail my faith down with man-made words or doctrine. Doing so, to me, would be trying to make God smaller than He really is. I have believed in God for as long as I can remember and have felt saved ever since I accepted Jesus at the young age of seven.

Like the apostle Thomas, I needed some proof as a young adult. The Immortal Story provided what I needed at that particular time in my life. Those uneasy feelings needed some answers.

But that's not all — I learned more about this fine gentleman:

It gets even better

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