Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Live Entertainment

I had initially embedded a Memorial Day video taken at the Flora-Bama. It featured people from 5 to 85, having fun and dancing to Kid Rock's All Summer Long. After cancelling the MySpace account where it was originally posted, I've been unable to find the original video — so here's something similar:

Karaoke at the Magnolia River Bar and Grill · All Summer Long

We took a few photos of the crowd at the Flora-Bama also. You can view them on flickr:

Memorial Day at the Flora-Bama


  1. Family Day at the Flora Bama!

    I recently heard this Kid Rock song for the first time, when Lori was watching videos on CMT. I suspect it's been very successful for him.

  2. On Memorial Day I also spent a little bit of time dancing with a toddler at the neighborhood bar I frequent. I guess I get that kind of behavior from my Southern roots. No country rock to accompany us through... Queen's We Will Rock You was playing.

  3. This song on the video came out in 2008 and is entitled "All Summer Long." I'm glad I finally learned about it. You can see some of the people know the words and are singing along.