Friday, July 31, 2009

What is the wind trying to tell us?

What is CHAOS versus FRACTAL?

Better yet, what’s the Creator trying to tell us?

As long as I can remember, I have been a seeker of truth.

To help you understand more truth, I recommend The Shack. It is one of the books published by Windblown Media for the “spiritually curious”.

I decided I could not live the righteousness of God on my own when I was seven years old. That made all the difference. From that date forward, although the decision was made out of fear, I have come to know that God is Love.

This book can be quite educational (was for me) if you look up every word you do not understand.

This paragraph on page 201 got my attention:
"Anyway, we all like to cook," added Jesus. "And I enjoy food — a lot. Nothing like a little shaomai, ugali, nipla, or kori bananje to make your taste buds happy. Follow that with some sticky toffee pudding or a tiramisu and hot tea. Yum! It doesn't get any better than that."
I tried to teach kindergartners what the Trinity was one time. Seems like I used a river that could be named as the Trinity River because it is a river made of three rivers coming together. I'm sure they did not understand it, but all kindergartners like to play in water.

There are those who aren't sold at all on this book. I didn't say this was a book of true facts, but I do believe it has a message to consider.

Some of my appreciation of this book can't be explained in so many words, but I really did feel much of it had the ring of truth to me personally and also even agreed with some of my own personal experiences. Read it and see if some of what you read has you wanting to respond YES! or AMEN!

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