Friday, September 25, 2009

GoD and DoG

Wendy and her dog Caspian

I can remember being in a quandary as to how to start my blog. Although I'd intended to begin with my autobiography written in 2005, I've been unable to locate a copy of it.

And with that said, here's how Wendy Francisco began hers:

Here’s me learning to blog...

Last year I shared my theory about beloved pets who have gone home. This video reflects similar thoughts.

GoD and DoG
Written, recorded and animated by Wendy Francisco

I look up and I see God
I look down and see my dog
Simple spelling G-O-D
Same word backwards D-O-G

They would stay with me all day
I’m the one who walks away
But both of them just wait for me
And dance at my return with glee

Both love me no matter what
Divine God and canine mutt
I take it hard each time I fail
But God forgives and dog wags his tail

God thought up and made the dog
Dog reflects a part of God
I’ve seen love from both sides now
It’s everywhere – Amen, Bow Wow

I look up and I see God
I look down and see my dog
And in my human frailty
I can’t match this love for me.

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