Saturday, December 12, 2009

Freedom for the Stallion

MrTrashCan1's You Tube video introduction:
“How many people knew about The Hues Corporation before their number one hit, Rock The Boat? Well listeners to MOR radio did, because Freedom For The Stallion, from the year before, was their first hit, and while it only hit 69 on Billboard Hot 100, it charted big on Easy Listening.”
I remember it and even had the 45 RPM record. It was a hit as far as I was concerned and I still associate it with Dad’s going home at the age of 61. I was almost 37 when he died. An interesting tidbit about my dad (at least to me) was that I did not know his real name until I saw his will. People called him Bill and W.A., but I'd always assumed his first name was William. His name was Willie Almon Ellington (7/2/1912 - 10/4/1973).

Wouldn’t mind having this song played at my funeral. That’s how much I like it.

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  1. MaeDean,hey, hi! I was here a couple weeks ago but my connection was poor and I couldn't leave a comment. I just really like your blog and your words. I will watch the video for sure tomorrow when I have more available bandwidth. I'm so curious to hear it. Merry Christmas to you. It's just around the corner practically. We're considering going to Canada next year - British Columbia, for the Calgary Stampede. Maybe. TTYL.