Tuesday, December 01, 2009

In Way Over My Head

Scott Hatfield · MONKEY TRIALSMy nephew is California's premiere science teacher. He is also a Christian who believes that evolution is a fact that blends easily with his faith.

I have very little science education. My one course in high school biology – because I had to take it – is the sum total of my education in science.

Having said that, I'm simply going to refer you to Scott's knowledge, which he articulates so well in Evolution: The Song.

· See the award-winning music video everyone's talking about ·

A Major Award!

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  1. Well, I certainly appreciate the kudos. You are not alone in feeling like all this science stuff is on another plane. But science education is really just like any thing else: start with the basics, and then build on what you already know.

    An excellent site for anyone who doesn't know much about evolution, but would like to know more, is this one sponsored by UC Berkeley and the National Center for Science Education (NCSE). It's easy to navigate, doesn't use a lot of fancy vocabulary and addresses a lot of the questions people always ask!


    Peace and joy in this holiday season!