Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celebrate 100 years

Celebrating 100 yearsThis afternoon we attended one of several celebrations of Dolly's 100th Birthday. What a happy event!

Dolly was born at home on February 11, 1910. She was very small and probably born prematurely. The doctor who delivered her said she would probably only live a short while because she was so small. They put her in a shoebox and did not even name her. They just called her Little Doll; She showed them all!

You can view photos on Flickr from this event at
Dolly’s 100th Birthday Celebration

Happy 100th Birthday!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mardi Gras Flotilla

Two decorated pantoon boats with Magnolia River Bar & Grill customers participated in this flotilla on the Bon Secour River on Valentines Day. When they returned to MRBG, they were in a very celebrative mood, to say the least. At times the dance floor was just about full of revellers dancing to the karaoke music.

Mardi Gras & Valentines Collide

Mardi Gras and Valentines collide at Magnolia River Bar & Grill. Some of the MRBG folks are participating in a Mardi Gras boat parade on Valentines, but at the same time, while still decorated for Mardi Gras, they have lots of pretty Valentine balloons in their bar & grill.

One thing is for sure, they don't miss an opportunity to celebrate.
Happy Valentines Day
A favorite song I think of on Valentines is My Funny Valentine. I first heard it in a very old movie. It did not sound like Linda Ronstadt's, but at least you know somewhat what the song was about if you view and listen to it on YouTube above. Linda's version even has a beginning verse I do not recall ever hearing. Apparently the standard has been recorded by so many people no one knows who they were and how many.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ask The Geese

VeeMy cousin sent me a powerpoint slideshow entitled Ask The Geese. Seems like I have seen this or something like it before. You can have the same information in this inspiring slide show at:


We have all had our "honkers" who have encouraged us through our lives. Where would we be without them?

Friday, February 05, 2010

The Bear

Well, I found the trailer for the full length feature film, The Bear, on YouTube. I saw this movie in the theater about 10 years ago. Even if I see a movie, much of the plot does not stick with me. Here's the info with the trailer.
The Bear 1989
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Novel by: James Oliver Curwood
An orphan bear cub
A large bear alone
Two hunters in the forest
The views of animals
These are the four lines sent by Jean-Jacques Annaud its producer Claude Berry to explain the draft of his film. "After the War of the fire," explains the director, "I wanted to go further, try to convey the emotions common to all species of higher animal world. Avoiding that animals have behaviour modelled on those of men, affubl├ęs reasoning of midinette, with a voiceover to explain what happens."

Below is the trailer:

Since I had seen the feature film in the theater, when I watched the scene shown on YouTube that someone sent me via email, I knew some of the outcome, but it was still such an exciting segment, I wanted to share it also.

Each time I watch it, I still find it spellbinding.