Saturday, June 12, 2010


SnapDragon Turtle

I have entered the snapdragon part of my life.

Hubby purchased some flowers last fall that we understood would thrive during the colder months somewhat like pansies do. That is why we fully understand "Snapdragons still blooming". These were like late bloomers, in that they really didn't begin to show off until late spring, and they are still going strong. The ones we have are yellow.

Yellow Snapdragons Snapdragon Closeup

May you always have...

Love to share,
Health to spare, and
Friends to care.

— Author Unknown

Postscript: Perhaps my brother-in-law Jerry entered the Snapdragon time of life also. Today is his birthday. Not tellin' his age, but here's a hint — he graduated from Cleburne High School one year after I did.

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  1. Angie and I have fond memories of snapdragons in your Bloomington flowerbed. These yellow ones are stunning!