Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Biography

I was born in the back of a gas station where my parents lived at the time in Sweetwater, Texas, in 1936, and was reared in Sweetwater, White Settlement, Joshua, and Cleburne, Texas.

I did not learn about the actual place of my birth until I was grown, but you'll note it was a year which was still considered part of the Great Depression, and my daddy, Bill Ellington, was lucky to have a job and a place to live.

My mother, Leno Lockhart, possibly did not reveal this to me because she was ashamed of it, but I am just glad this information finally surfaced. So I'm presenting this as evidence that biographies are unique just like snowflakes. Also, I will tell you that there is nothing in that spot where I was born — at least the post office tells me the address does not receive delivery of mail there. If anyone reads this and knows someone who was born in a gas station, I'd like to hear about.

I do have one high school classmate who was born in Sweetwater also. I did not know this until several years ago. He's younger than I am and eventually moved to Cleburne because his dad worked for the Santa Fe Railroad.

After graduation from Cleburne High School in 1955, I worked for a year to save some money to pay for attending Baylor University in 1956-57. The summer afterward, I was hired at the National Supply Company as a clerk-typist, with headquarters located in Fort Worth, and moved with the company when their headquarters were relocated in Dallas.

After commuting from Cleburne to Dallas for a short while, I moved to Dallas, where I met my husband, Wendell Smith. We were married in 1958, in Cleburne and lived in Dallas for a number of years and later moved to Irving. Our daughters, Angela and Carla, were born in Dallas in 1960 and 1963 respectively.

Wendell’s employer, General Electric Company, transferred him to Bloomington, Illinois, where our family lived for about four years, during which time we experience what a blizzard is like. While my husband still worked at G.E., we lived in Irving again and Memphis, Tennessee. Our family also lived in Meridian and Jackson, Mississippi.

We have three grandchildren and one great grandchild.

After retirement, we became fulltime RVers in 2007. That year of RVing was all we expected it to be as we did volunteer work at Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming and Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery in Jamestown, Kentucky.

In 2008, we came to Alabama in our motorhome and began looking at real estate, not really thinking we would settle in one place, but the price of fuel was a concern as it kept rising.

A snowbird told us about a mobile home that was for sale and was located in a small senior mobile home community, and we thought it looked just about right for us. We've have been living in paradise, Lower Alabama, ever since.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Got My Pears!

click for recipeQuite by coincidence (and there's no such thing as coincidences) I was offered some big Sand Pears with the advice that I should use them just like apples and make a pie with them. I may try to work that in also, but I must make some pear honey with some of them.

Someone I used to work with at a bank in Jackson, Mississippi told me about pear honey. I call it Liquid Gold because it is quite labor-intensive to make but oh so good. It's not generally for sale in grocery stores, but I have purchased some at a local church's annual autumn bazaar in Gluckstadt.

I now have several recipes, but the one I started with is still the basis of what I do to make pear honey. Gotta get to it.