Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fall Is In The Air

One never knows what each year will bring in the weather.

This is the week of the Shrimp Fest, and we have definite memories of one not too long ago when we couldn't stand to stay there very long because it was so hot. This year, though, weather predictions sound very pleasant. We plan to attend Friday.

Today we turned on our heat for this first time this fall, and the smoke alarm gave its quick response. Not that surprising — we turned it off for a few minutes and then turned it on again. We've been enjoying the cooler weather, but brought in the tropical plants that don't care for temps in the 40s.

I have begun a flickr set and expect to add more photos as the season progresses:

Autumn 2010


  1. Ooh sweet flickr set! There's nothing like marrow and pumpkin to begin fall!



    p.s really cute blog you've got here!

  2. Thank you for posting! Fall is here....and I feel a bit jealous - here in Florida we do not get much cool, crispy air. I miss the seasons.

  3. The ornamental gourds that begin the photo alubum, came all the way from Ohio. Not sure if they even grow them here in Lower Alabama. This beautiful fall weather (cooler than normal) has really been a blessing of sorts, but the lack of rain has not been a blessing for the farmers.

  4. From Miss Worst Case Scenario ...
    Your heat is all electric, right? Does your smoke alarm sound the first time it's turned on every Fall? Call me a worrywart, but this kinda bothers me.

    We had an overnite low of 38º and boy was it chilly in here this morning. I really should learn to turn on my heater's pilot light instead of waiting on someone else to do it.

  5. Somehow, I just noticed your comment on my blog post --- last spring!
    Thank you for referring people to it.

    I've just been enjoying your pictures on Flickr. I made you a contact, I'm Fancy Horse there.