Sunday, January 09, 2011

Southern Sound Quartet

Southern Sound
Ben Harris, lead singer · Mike Young, tenor · Barry Patrick, piano
Adam Forsythe, baritone · Rick Fair, bass

When a friend told me that Southern Sound Quartet was performing at a local church in Foley this morning, I immediately knew I wanted to attend. Hubby immediately chose not to, and I can give you a pretty good idea why. When we were newlyweds, a young couple invited us to attend some kind of musical event in Fort Worth, Texas, and we went with them in their vehicle. As it turned out, we were held captive in something similar to a marathon musical event until way past midnight. Group after group of Christian vocalists performed on the stage of a large auditorium, and we soon learned it was something we did not care to stay at for hours on end, but we did not have our own transportation to leave.

I had already heard several people tell me this was a very good gospel quartet, so I arrived with high expectations. I was not in the least disappointed and feel very fortunate to have seen them perform their ministry of song and testimony. I now have their latest CD, Through The Years, to enjoy at home. What a variety of songs are on it!

My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me
featuring tenor soloist Mike Young

More recommended viewing from baritone Adam Forsythe's YouTube channel:

Note: Although I was sitting on a back pew, I think this morning's bass singer was someone other than Rick Fair (pictured above).