Thursday, August 18, 2011


Some people will tell you they don't dream, but I'm not one of those people.

Quoting from a Dream Wikipedia Article:
"Scientists believe that everyone dreams, but people will tend to forget them when they naturally pass out of sleep through the traditional sleep cycle. If a person is awoken during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, they are much more likely to remember the dream."

In another Wikipedia Article on REM:
"Vividly recalled dreams mostly occur during rapip eye movement (REM) sleep."

Having set the stage with some facts, let me go on to tell you what I believe about some of the dreams I have had and recall.

At least one dream I had seemed to me to be God letting me know something that was very important to me.

Certain themes seem to run through some of my dreams, particularly dreams I recall. I feel I am inadequate or lacking knowledge to find places or go back to a certain spot in a dream -- in other words, I feel lost.

A similar feeling has to do with my not being able to measure up or do things as I should. For instance, I have a job to go to at a certain time, and I have problems in the dream doing what I really want to do.

Now, let me tell you what I can remember about a dream last night.

I was in a very large, amazing place that was inside. At one point, it seemed a little like a cruise ship, but it was not on the water. I cannot even say for sure if there was an "outside" but it seemed to be all under a covering like possibly a roof. It might also be compared to an enclosed shopping mall. Another comparison could be to an amuzement park that was enclosed.

As I walked around this place, it seemed like museums I have visited that had many sections devoted to different activities.

I did not feel like I was with anyone else that I knew. In fact, it seemed a lot like I was visiting a place that was pretty amazing with many people doing what one might call working but at jobs or duties that made them very happy.

At one point I asked a man what the names of the nearby towns were, and his reply was something along the lines of he didn't know but he was of the opinion that things had been concentrated on building and doing and not concerned with giving a name to the area. My feeling was very strong to know where we were and what it was named, because I wanted to be able to tell people later where it was.

As a little aside, sometimes managing to get from one place to another required more than normal walking. Once, I realized I could lower myself to a lower level by simply controlling my body with a gradual decent. I thought it was amazing and was very proud of the fact that I could do this. It seemed a little like a climber with a rope around him repelling himself, but I had no such device.

The main feeling I had about this place in my dream was that I did not meet a single person who did not seem anything but very happy.

I do not pretend to know what, if anything, my dream meant. I particularly wanted to share it because of the feeling of happiness and contentment I experienced. That was such a good feeling.

If you're feeling like dreaming -- or sleeping, this might do it for you.

Dream (Michael Buble Cover)

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